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Some of our favorite places!!
The following are some of the places that we like to go. We hope that you visit them and let them know that we sent you!! We do not in any way exclusively support the agendas on these pages, but they are places that we enjoy for relevent information. ALL LINK BUTTONS BELOW ARE AVAILABLE IN 25 LANGUAGES
The link below will help you see what games are good and safe for your child
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These search engines are simply available to our site and so we left them here to be available to you.

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About the Bible

Racism, Racial Issues and Christianity

Sex, Love & Relationships

Paradise or Pain? Why is the world the way it is?

Jesus Christ: His Identity, Life, Death & Resurrection

Learn how to be more effective in evangelism

Favorite Sites

A ministry begun by Paul and Dianne Turner after being launched out from FCCP.
www.gforce-music.com Awesome musicians and brothers in Lord with whom we have had great previous fellowship with. A MUST SEE!!!
www.livinghope.faithweb.com The home of Pastor Norm Teed. We have ministered together with this body in the past.

www.emtsforthelord.freeservers.com A site dedicated for fireman, EMTs and other EMS personnel looking for a common bond in there profession through the unity of the Spirit in Jesus Christ.
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