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PLEASE USE THE NEW MESSAGE board for now. Had to trash the cork board and I am not reposting it, posted it 3 times and it just stops working. Will search for a new board for are site thanks for your PATIENCE

Hi!! We are so glad you took the time to visit us. We hope you have gained something in your visit and we welcome you to come any time.
Below is a list of things you can do here:
1. Leave a message or comment on our Guest Book
2. Take a survey/poll-which will change on & off
3. Post messages and receives answers on our cork board- (postings will change off and on also)
4. Send an E card to a Friend or Loved one!!
God Bless

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FCCP is a loving Church- who is open to all who enter. So please leave your comment or question below and your email so we may respond. God loves you and so do we...

Please click on the e cards > to be sent to the ecard sights> Homelights & Angel Winks& Cards of Faith Enjoy!!!

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