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Hello - Welcome to the FCCP teen page:
Thank you for viewing our youth page. The teens at FCCP are very active and continually seeking God's will and direction in their lives. We travel to conferences and have outings as often as possible. We are also very privileged to take an active part in leading our local body in worship and praise. We hope you feel inspired to come and be a part of our group. We meet every wednesday night here at the church at 7:00 PM. .

I know it's dark, but this is our group picture at our "End of Summer" party.

About half of our group getting ready for a Bible study by the fire.

Meet Josh (grey shirt), our assistant youth leader. Instructing the youth spiritually.

Enjoying fellowship and mexican food.

Chris and Joey at the Acquire The Fire Youth rally in Syracuse.

Group picture with our new parking attendant friend at the rally.

Lunch break at Burger King.

Posing outside the Syracuse War Memorial.

Enjoying rally from our seats.

Time with God.

Worship leader on big screen.


Molly, gotcha.

Keven, escaping the confines of the 10 hour van trip (well maybe not 10 hours...).