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Member of the Month: January-Febuary Danny(UPDATE SOON)
Each month we will choose a member of the month to highlite**** We will post an article on the member's life and hopes. We feel we will be able to take a slight inside look at our special member of the months walk with the Lord and get to know this person a little better. This should be a very enjoyable posting for everyone. Continue down to the bottom of this page to learn more about other members and what they are doing.

Dans Story
Men's and Women's Ministry
Kevin Shipman & Trudy- will be updated soon
**Clowning Glory****
Michael A. Monagan performs all over with his ministry for children and adults alike. He has a very unique way of telling the biblical colors as he puts smiles on childrens faces. He is a joy to watch and we hope we see more of him in the near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pastors Advisory Committe

1. Kevin Shipman
Music Director
Dan Vaden
Sunday School Coordinator
Chasity Skyner
Teen/Youth Director
Linda Knarr

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